This is just not right…

posted on 17 Oct 2008 in Adult Engrish


Found in a shopping mall in Beijing.

It is pretty shitty…

posted on 10 Oct 2008 in Adult Engrish


Photo courtesy of Oli Harwood.
Taken in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

No more randomness please!

posted on 3 Oct 2008 in Adult Engrish

I can’t fuckin’ find anything around here!


Photo courtesy of Lukas Schwendimann.
Found in China.  

Heh heh, push ups, yeah…

posted on 26 Sep 2008 in Adult Engrish


Er, I was thinking of maybe biking more…


Photo courtesy of Eric Lawson.
Taken in Taiwan in Yangmingshan National Park. 

C’mon, she’s askin’ for it…

posted on 10 Jun 2008 in Adult Engrish

This will only take 5 minutes…


Photo courtesy of Jim Murray.

Magazine ad found on train. 

Popular Parking Spot

posted on 3 Apr 2008 in Adult Engrish

This won’t take long, keep the engine running…


Photo courtesy of Aaron Endsley.

Found in Japan. 

This one sticks out…

posted on 1 Feb 2008 in Adult Engrish

What? No cream filling?


Photo courtesy of Chris Ungro.

Found in Korea. Photo going directly to Adult Engrish section. 

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