Oh Mickey Please!

posted on 9 Jun 2004 in Adult Engrish

Ever since Walt died, they can’t control the mouse…


Photo courtesy of Albatross.

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  1. Seadog Driftwood | 7:02 am |  Vote: Add rating 16  Subtract rating 0  

    Mickey shows his true colours

  2. Diddims | 4:00 pm |  Vote: Add rating 9  Subtract rating 0  

    I always knew that his wholesome image was a facade!

  3. chris | 10:21 pm |  Vote: Add rating 2  Subtract rating 0  

    ahhhhhhhhhh this is by far my all time favorite.

    last time i tried to penetrate a crazy room, i got 5150’d :(

  4. Brad | 6:19 pm |  Vote: Add rating 14  Subtract rating 0  

    “…and that’s why I unsubscribed from Mickey’s twitter…”

  5. morgan | 11:05 am |  Vote: Add rating 4  Subtract rating 0  

    they should set all mickey vids to t-rated

  6. Ghost08 | 10:41 am |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    *sings* drugs are bad you need to stay away who know what it’s doin to your braaaAAAIINNN!!!!

  7. God Jesus | 1:05 pm |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 1  

    But if nonviolence is the weapon of the strong, why love girlfight?

  8. Tai | 6:45 am |  Vote: Add rating 2  Subtract rating 0  

    And we only got to know his blue colors…

  9. Joy | 4:51 am |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 0  

    I never liked Mickey…but if this is what he believes, then I change my mind

  10. alexmagnus | 3:14 pm |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 4  

    Because girls are weak?

  11. Filiz | 5:41 pm |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    Regular reader from New Zealand here.Great work Steve. You’ve earend every single one.You present a constantly refreshing, thoughtful take on things, and you don’t get nearly enough credit (or money) for it.I still recall the first time I read your material – I’ve been hooked since.I know compliments come cheap (and don’t help you upgrade that tired Japanese sedan (if that’s what you’re still riding around in)), but you’ll be the first person on my give-to list when I achieve the wherewithal to contribute to your work in a meaningful way.

  12. Myself | 10:16 pm |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    Hey! Gays! Come and play with me!

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